Carrie Beth TAYLOR

Owner, Designer and Buyer


Carrie Beth Taylor is an artist, designer and a believer in the hand written note. Described as whimsical and unique, her creations are painted by hand. In 2008, she founded Sugar B Designs, incorporating her artwork with personalized correspondence. Her illustrations are utilized by retailers, designers and brands of all kinds. 

Carrie Beth enjoys antiquing and spending time with her son and husband.

Suzanne Mayfield

Operations and Customer Relations


A Southern girl at heart, Suzanne resides in the heart of dixie with her husband and four children. She's alway had a deep love for beautiful stationery and sending hand written notes to friends and family. Suzanne finds joy in corresponding with the sweet Sugar B Designs clients! 

In all of her spare time (HA!) she enjoys traveling and watching Alabama Football. ROLL TIDE! 

Collaborating Designers

Grace Hall

Calligrapher and Owner of Grace Calligraphy

Website : Grace Calligraphy

Grace Hall is the owner and calligrapher behind Grace Calligraphy. Everything produced at Grace Calligraphy is patiently and lovingly hand lettered by Grace herself. She uses a traditional dip pen, metal nib, and a pot of ink to lend a personal touch to her client’s life events. She is a proud member of IAMPETH, The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting. Through her partnership with Sugar B Designs, Grace is proud to showcase her calligraphy on both Seasonal and Baby items. 

Allison Banks

Calligrapher and Owner of Allison R. Banks Designs

Website : Allison R. Banks Designs

At fifteen years old, Allison Banks found a job answering the phone during Christmastime for local hand-engraver, Bob Rosser. Noticing a special talent in Allison, Mr. Rosser suggested she use fountain pens and paper to get a feel for different fonts from classic script to old english. So began her artful journey. Allison is now a successful full time calligrapher, artist and designer. Creating decorative monograms and unique calligraphy brings joy to Allison and all who admire her creations. Sugar B Designs is proud to showcase Allison's work on seasonal items such as Christmas cards and tags. 


Calligrapher, Artist & Owner of Lime & Lily Design

Website: Lime & Lily Calligraphy + Design 

Angie Dickison is a professional calligrapher, artist and owner of Lime & Lily Calligraphy + Design. Angie is a member of IAMPETH, the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting, where she has trained under some of the world's most renowned calligraphers. Her professional background  includes architecture and interior design, which makes her uniquely qualified to combine beautiful custom calligraphy with watercolor home portraits. Through her partnership with Sugar B Designs, Angie is proud to showcase her calligraphy and illustration on Seasonal items. 

Laura Bosshardt

Calligrapher, Artist & Owner of Laura Lines Calligraphy

Website: Laura Lines Calligraphy 

As a young girl, Laura would carefully write labels for the orchid plants in her family greenhouses. The seemingly tedious task was instead a welcome activity for Laura, and ultimately established her love for penmanship. She has now been a professional calligrapher for five years and finds great joy in creating perfect moments on paper. Her calligraphy and illustrations are characterized by whimsical strokes and careful sophistication. Laura is thrilled to join the talented team of artists at Sugar B Designs! 


Artist & Owner of Amanda Roberson Art

Website: Amanda Roberson Art 

Amanda worked in interiors until her first child was born. During nap time, she began painting at the kitchen island; then selling her work at shows and local shops. Fast forward twelve years and thousands of paintings later, her kitchen island hobby has turned into a full time career. Amanda enjoys painting everyday objects in a way that translates movement and life. “Perfection is boring” is her motto, wanting her work to look lived in and loved. Amanda's collection at Sugar B Designs truly reflects her passion for art.


Artist & Owner of Christen Colvert Art

Instagram: Christen Colvert Art

Christen has loved art since she was a child, taking art classes as an extracurricular whenever possible. Earning a BFA with a concentration in graphic design, she worked at a publishing house right after graduation. While Christen enjoyed magazine design, she  missed working with her hands. After her third son was born, she started teaching preschool art; which eventually lead to her full time career in fine art. To Christen, creating is a form of worship. She desires her art ushers peace and joy to the houses that they call home. Enjoy Christen's exclusive collection with Sugar B Designs! 

Camilla moss

Artist & Owner of Camilla Moss

Website: Camilla Moss

Family and art are Camilla’s passions, the latter of which did not present itself until later in life. After a career as a CPA was brought to an end with the birth of her youngest, she picked up a paint brush and began painting as an outlet to express her love of family, faith, and friends. Her works include custom paintings of watercolor monograms, to architecture nature, and whimsical illustrations. Her end goal is always the same: to create classic, custom art that will forever be a part of a family’s home and heart. Camilla is proud to join the talented Sugar B artists!

Julie King

Artist & Owner of Julie King Studio

Website: Julie King Studio

Julie’s artistic career in began immediately after undergrad in 2003. After majoring in Fine Art, she spent a short, but life-changing summer in Italy. Upon returning to the States, her desire to create was fulfilled as she became a stationery designer for a gift shop in Atlanta, Georgia. Little did she know this would lead to a path in fine stationery design for years to come! After receiving a Masters in Fine Art, she founded the Julie King Studio in Charleston, South Carolina. Julie's exclusive collection with Sugar B Designs is truly one-of-a-kind, and we're delighted to showcase this fabulous collaboration!


 Together We Thoughtfully Collaborate Our Talents To Offer Exclusively Unique Cards And Artwork. 

 Our One Of A Kind Designs Showcase Fanciful Illustration And Calligraphy Imagined With You In Mind. 

 Each Is Available For Personalization, Print And Shipment Direct To Your Door!