Sugar B Designs work created via commission or for general use are protected from misappropriation, misuse, or duplication of a direct liking of the work and unauthorized use by copyright law and international copyright treaties, as well as other laws and treaties that uphold intellectual property rights. Sugar B Designs retains the right to use any design or illustration that has been commissioned to promote my work and use for resale.

Permission must be obtained in advance for any use of my conceptual work in any format. Should you wish to use my design or illustrations and/or files for commercial purposes, Sugar B Designs must receive an agreed upon fee before utilization. In addition, any design used in any way must contain a credit indicating that Carrie Beth Taylor of Sugar B Designs is the creator. Anyone granted permission to use any of my work is subject to these policies. 

As copyright owner, Sugar B Designs has a number of exclusive rights under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). These exclusive rights include the right to reproduce the Work in any form, and to publish and communicate the Work to the public (including by way of sale, broadcast or putting the Work online or product). It is an infringement of copyright to do any of the acts comprised in the copyright in relation to the whole or a substantial part of the Work, or duplicate a direct liking of the work, or to authorize such an act, without the permission or license of the copyright owner.