Art Prints & COVID-19 Status Information

At this time, delays are ONLY expected on Art Prints. All other products, such as stationery, pillows, stickers, invitations, announcements, etc. are NOT currently impacted by COVID-19. We will keep you updated should that change. 

COVID-19 has temporarily impacted turnaround times for Art Prints. Due to new safety precautions, delays in material availability and slower production capacity, most art print orders are expected to be delayed. Art print orders are put into production within (1) one business day from the time we (Sugar B Designs) place the order with our merchant. On average, Sugar B Designs places the merchant order within 24 hours of receiving from you online at The order is then shipped to you within (2) two weeks. 


Every order we receive at Sugar B Designs is a cherished commitment. We take joy in celebrating the new babies, milestones, parties and creative inspirations you share with us on a daily basis. Encompassed with our joint excitement is the desire to provide a positive, safe, transparent and timely order experience for each and every customer. 

In addition to the value we place on your patronage, we highly regard the well being of our print merchants. The various teams of men and women that carefully reproduce our hand crafted artwork truly make it possible for us to do what we love. 

The entire world is experiencing a 'new normal' due to the overwhelming tragedy of COVID-19. While it is imperative for us to find new ways to work in, around and through this difficult time; the most important consideration is safety and well being. 

We deeply apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience as we focus on the health and safety of everyone involved to get your order to you as quickly and cautiously as possible!

Please email us at should you have any questions, comments or concerns!